Hi all,

sometimes I am asked “How do you make this/that?” Luckily, nobody has asked for patterns or descriptions of bags, carriers or other “own patterns” 🙂 But yes, I am asked for tutorials about key fobs, label cloths/cuddle cloths, reach straps etc.
With these questions, I started to make some tutorials based on photo’s and put them together in a short movie. Every once in a while, a new tutorial will be added, especially when I think about making pictures up front 😉

Would you like a tutorial of a pattern or method that is not (yet) made? Please feel free to ask me! Send me an email (info@morskadesign.nl) or message me via Facebook (www.facebook.com/morskadesign).

key fob:
[embedyt] https://youtu.be/BVvnH-ep2ts[/embedyt]
label cloth:
[embedyt] https://youtu.be/lBdb-pbwY84[/embedyt]
pacifier clip:
[embedyt] https://youtu.be/Zkr3LJ9ReOM[/embedyt]