About me

The person behind Morska Design

Denise Kunst_about me_person behind morska design

Hello, nice to meet you! How lovely you of you to check out who is the living person behind Morska Design! My name is Denise Kunst, married, mother of 2, and besides owner of Morska Design, I am also politically active. Sitting still and doing noting is not my cup of tea. You will find me always doing something. Occasionally, that is reading a book, but much more ofter, I will be creating something: crocheting, embroidery and of course sewing! Next to that, I love writing blogs about my personal life (in Dutch)

Morska Design started as a hobby, but soon proved to be to big to be called a hobby. I love to make a plan and design your carrier together with you. Whether you choose for a wrap conversion, for beautiful fabric from my stock, or ask me to find you something? The result will always be a great carrier that gives both you and your child as much comfort as possible. That is the reason for me to spend quite some time before I start, and makes that I might ask additional questions during the project. Also if you choose (only) accessoiries or other items from my shop, I love to make the extra effort for you. So please, contact me for possbilities, together we can create something beautiful


P.S. the name Morska Design is derived from the names of our Flatcoated Retrievers, Morro and Skäller