full buckle, onbuhimo en half buckle dragersJust like when you buy ready-to-ship carriers, you can choose between different models and sizes at Morska Design. The first choice you have to make is the type of carrier.

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. And most of these are determined by personal preferences. The main differences are are explained below. There you can also find information about the minimal wrap size that I need to make your full wrap conversion. In a full wrap conversion, all visible fabric parts are made from wrap. In a half wrap conversion, only the parts that are visible during caring your child are made from wrap. All fabric parts situated at your or your childs side are made from canvas cotton or other strong fabric.

All my wrap conversions and carriers are based on the patterns of SewToot. I have made a number of modifications to the original patterns for even better comfort. Still, there are a lot of modifications possible to meet your specific wishes. For example, you can choose or decide about:

  • Width and length of the shoulder straps
  • Size of the waistband
  • Design of the hood
  • Padding

Full Buckle carriers

In full buckle carriers, all straps open and close with buckles. Depending on the model of the carrier, this can be wide or narrow buckles. You can also choose between single or dual adjust buckles. The length of you child determines which size of the back panel is best. But you can also choose for an adjustable back panel. In that case you can use the carrier longer for ergonomic carrying.
You determine the length of the shoulder and waist bands. Because we are all different, it is important to order the right size for the best possible comfort.

Morska carriers

dragers_2_full buckleThe most commonly used model full buckle carrier resembles a Tula carrier, but is not a copy! In this model, the shoulder and waist bands are filled with a firm padding of closed cell foam. Of course you can also choose to have the bands filled with softer, thinner padding like fleece or open cell foam. Bands with thinner padding have a more flexible feel, and enclose you even more than bands with firm padding. However, open cell foam bands make you feel the weight of your child more. Especially slimmer parents experience this as less comfortable and therefor choose for bands with closed cell foam.

In contrast to most larger brands, the bands of the Morska carriers are curved. The slight curve in these bands help to keep the bands away from your arm pits. This leads to more comfort. Children up to one year are often carried on your front. If you choose a carrier that fits best till your child is about one year old, I do however advise to order straight bands. During front-carrying, the straps are often crossed on your back and this is more comfortable with straight straps. Do you plan to carry both on front and back with your younger child? Then I advise on choosing curved straps. Their advantage during back carrying is higher than their disadvantage during front carrying.

The minimum wrap size required for a full wrap conversion is a size 5 (4m20cm). Is placement of the design an issue on your wrap? Or do you want some accessoiries? Please let me use at least a size 6 wrap (4m80cm).

Apron-style carriers

drager schort - carriers apron style - wolf - eftelingApron-style carriers are full buckle carriers without padded waist band, the shoulder bands are partially padded. The padded waist band of the morska carriers gives extra comfort compared to this apron style carrier. But still, this apron style carrier is a surprisingly comfortable carrier, especially when you are wearing a (winter)jacket! Even during longer walks, you then hardly notice the lack of padding in the waist band. And although I am a huge fan of the morska carriers, I use these carriers with pleasure and comfortable. I carry both our toddler as well as our preschooler in this carrier! This carrier folds up very small. This makes an apron style carrier great for trips where you travel light.

A wrap conversion for this type of carrier requires a wrap with a minimum width of 63cm. A size 2 wrap (2m60) is sufficient for a full wrap conversion. If you want accessoiries, you would need a longer wrap. A size 3 (3m10cm) is enough fabric for a full conversion plus sleeping hood or pixie hat.


Half Buckle carriers

dragers 3a_half buckleHalf buckle carriers close half with buckles and half with wrap bands. Most half buckles have a buckled waist band and wrap straps for shoulder bands. These bands are wrapped around you and your child, and tied under bum, on your front or back. Tying the bands is comparable to the use of a mei tai.
For the wrap bands, you can also choose for a ring finish. The rings are in that case located next to the back panel of the carrier, on the same position as the buckles in the full buckle carriers.

You can also choose for a wrap waist carrier with buckles shoulder bands. This might be your choice if you like extra support on your waist, but still like the simplicity of buckled shoulder straps. Also in this case, you can choose for a ring finish. For this type, the rings are located on one side of the waist band. A long wrap band is situated on the other end.

Ring finishes enable fast securing of the bands and also enables adjusting of the bands very quick. The main disadvantage of using ring finishes is the fixed location of the rings. A short padded strap under the rings prevents them from prodding during use.

A full wrap conversion for a half buckle carrier requires a longer wrap because of the long wrap straps. A full conversion can be made from a size 7 (5m20cm) wrap. Is placement of the design an issue on your wrap? Or do you want some accessoiries? Please size up at least to a size 8 wrap (5m70cm).


Onbuhimo carrier

dragers - onbuhimo_natibaby rosetta crimsonOnbuhimo carriers are great, quick carriers for short walks. These carriers do not have waist bands, and therefore you carry all weight on your shoulders. This makes carrying with an onbuhimo harder for yourself.
In an onbuhimo, children are supposed to keep their arms above the back panel. Also, placing your child on you back is mostly done from a sitting position of your child. These are the reasons that this carrier is only suitable for children who can sit up by themselves!For children who like to keep their arms tucked in, the onbuhimo carrier is not suited!
Still, an onbuhimo might be a great carrier. Especially pregnant women like the absence of the waist band. Also when it is difficult or painful to put your arms behind your back, an onbuhimo can be a great solution!

A full wrap conversion from wrap into onbuhimo can be done from a size 3 wrap (3m10cm).