Autumn Time!

The days are really getting shorter again, and also the temperature is dropping. Yes, the autumn is coming up again. I think autumn is a wonderful season, in which nature shows itself from a different, but also beautiful (!) side. We picked up the first chestnuts and acorns already, our toddler-daughter thinks it is all very interesting!
Now, it is also time to prepare for the month December. Nice smaller and bigger, cheaper and more expensive items will be added to the store in the coming days and weeks! The first onset is done: card-holders, key fobs and bibs are available in sufficient numbers now. The number of bags is also enough for now, and there are enough wraps waiting to be processed.
Have a look at all the beautiful items, I really hope you find something of your liking!

Autumn with all its rain and wind, will not stop my creative mind! (I know, this only rhymes in writing, not in speech…;) )

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